Berlin Dry Shampoo is vegan, anti-static, sulfate-free, non-drying, and doesn't create a residue to extends the life of your color by not having to wash your hair as often. Featuring the signature fragrance, this dry shampoo minimizes oil and adds moisture to hair. Cleanse and refresh between shampoos without any added residue or build up. The rice starch cleanses and absorbs, the vegan protein adds body and shine while the rhodiola rosea root acts as a heat protection.


- Vegan formula
- Anti-static and non-drying
- Leaves behind no residue
- Rice starch cleanses and absorbs
- Vegan protein adds body and shine
- Rhodiola rosea root acts as a heat protection

Berlin Dry Shampoo

  • It's no secret, dry shampoo is our most used product. Not only is Berlin Dry Shampoo vegan, it doesn't leave behind residue.